Going Beyond GMAT, GPA Scores For MBA Admissions


Top business school class profiles usually display high GMAT and GPA scores leading to MBA applicants often mistaking them to be the most important component. This overemphasis on achieving very high scores sometimes lead them to neglect other crucial factors that could help gain admission at an institute of their choice. We take a close look at some of the other attributes that admission committees consider while drawing up the final list of candidates.

GMAT scores in the range of 710-730 coupled with equally high GPAs of +3.5 scores at top ranked institutes quite often make MBA aspirants obsess over the scores despite the scores being only one of the several other non-data factors under consideration to assess the suitability of the candidates for the particular program of profile of the Institute.

A closer look at the GMAT scores of elite business schools reveal that while the average is between 710-720, it would be obvious that half of the students who secured a seat had scored below that level. While the ideal score varies from institute to institute, in general you need to score above 650 that would place you in the mid-80-percent range.

As for the median GPA, it is not that much of a bother for most schools who are looking for candidates with a certain level of standards in areas like mathematics. The trick is to do well in the maths portion of the GMAT and seek special coaching if you are weak in maths before appearing for GMAT test. Candidates who have displayed a steady improvement over their poor scores have a better chance at overcoming the disadvantage over low GPA scores.

The applicants would get enough opportunities while filling in the application forms and even at later stages to reveal several aspects of their personality like communication skills, aptitude for taking up challenges, problem-solving and leadership skills. For those with previous work experience, it could provide an opportunity to project their work skills and aspirations and thus create a positive impression on the admission committee.

As far as verbal skills are concerned, candidates would do well to brush up their written and spoken communication skills. A flawlessly written essay filled with relevant examples and anecdotes could boost your profile. Similarly, in the Personal Interview or Group Discussions, the candidate’s ability to express himself or herself would play a major part in the final selection.

MBA applicants also have to battle the low acceptance rates, especially among top business schools. They need not get discouraged as the school concerned may be looking to fill the seats with candidates of diverse profiles.


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