Finance Accounting and Consulting Dominate LBS Class of 2018


Finance Accounting and Consulting professionals dominate the London Business School (LBS) Class of 2018 at 27% and 26% respectively.

The class has 425 students, 35% of whom are females. International students constitute 90%. They represent 70 nationalities and the average age is 29 years. The cohort ‘s average GMAT score is 708. They have an average 5 years work experience.

Europeans (excluding the UK) form 19% of the class. North Americans come next at 18% followed by Latin America 12%, India 11%, Asia and UK at 10% each. Australia/New Zealand come next with 7%, Middle East 4%, Africa 3% and others 6%.

In pre-MBA industry experience, apart from Finance and Consulting, FMCG/Retail/Luxury Goods form 7%, Manufacturing/Engineering/Construction 6%, Marketing/Publishing/Media 5%, Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biotechnology and Public/Not for Profit/Education at 3% each. Aerospace/Automotive, Defence/Military, Law/Legal /services, Leisure/Sports/Entertainment/Travel and others are at 2% each and Property/Real Estate at 1%.

LBS says its MBA is aimed at people with some high-quality work experience, but who are at a relatively early stage in their career. Those who want to increase their knowledge of business and management for enhancing their existing career and accelerate promotion prospects would benefit from the program. Those looking for a career change by function, industry or to start their own business would also find it useful.

The highly international nature of the programme also makes it suitable for people who want international mobility.It is also a preparation for general management with a global outlook rather than being just US-centric or Euro-centric, it adds.

The program begins in August with the first term running until December with pre-term online preparations, orientation, business fundamentals. Tailored core and electives start during term 2 from January to March. It continues through term 3 (April-June). During summer break (July-August) students can do an internship, Entrepreneurship Summer School or be part of Summer Consulting Team.

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Year 2 first term (September-December) has electives, Global business experience in Boston and New York City. The international exchange program starts in September. The Global business experience is held in Johannesburg from October to November and in Tel Aviv in December.

Term 2 (January-March) has the 15-month exit point for students who have chosen that format in February. In the same month, the Global Business Experience is held in Mumbai.

Term 3 (April-June) has the exit point for those who have chosen the 18-month format in May. The global business experience is scheduled in Hong Kong in April and at Lima in May. The international exchange program also ends in May. The capstone and congregation take place in July that also marks the exit of the 21-month format.


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