Take A Leap In CAT Test Preparations With Free Test Tools


While a plethora of prep test materials are available for CAT 2016, most often for a price, candidates can now avail of free test preparation tools made available by QS LEAP.

With claims to being the world’s first free social and online preparation platform for global standardized admissions tests like the GMAT and GRE, QSLEAP has announced expanding its offerings to the CAT (Common Admission Test) test preparations in India.

A benchmark for admission to MBA programs

Conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs), CAT is a benchmark for admission to MBA programs in India. The test is scheduled to be held on December 4 this year at centres located in 138 cities across India.

Tutorials at CAT 2016 website

The IIMs are scheduled to release tutorials on the exam format at the official CAT 2016 website only in October. In the meantime, students could make use of the comprehensive test-prep tools being made available by QSLEAP.

The number of candidates appearing for CAT has been going up by leaps and bounds. Last year marked a six-year high in registrations, with 218,000 test takers.

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QSLEAP free end-to-end test preparation

“We have adopted an extremely effective learning framework to deliver free end-to-end test preparation for all candidates,” says head of product for QS LEAP, Soumik Ganguly.

“Alongside its excellent guided learning system that delivers customized learning maps and study schedules, the platform also functions as a social network where candidates can connect with each other and create or join study groups,” he adds.

CAT Prep Platform

The new CAT prep platform includes more than 75 free practice tests,  guided test prep and learning modules. The candidates will have access to an online community of CAT prep experts. Engagement tools are also available for interacting with the wider test-taking community, which currently consists of more than 35,000 registered users.

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Towards a level playing field

The inequality in access to educational resources remains particularly high in India and is reflected in the test prep environment which, in turn, can reinforce inequality of access to MBA-level programs.

Those lacking financial means at a disadvantage being unable to pay for  expensive test preparation materials could utilise the CAT prep tool and   achieve high scores.


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